About Norway`s water industry

About Norwegian Water

Norwegian Water (in Norwegian: Norsk Vann) is a national association representing Norway`s water industry. It acts on behalf of the members, which are mainly municipalities and companies owned by the municipalities. Norwegian Water in total represents 370 municipalities, with 95 % of the population.

Norwegian Water also has affiliated members like consultants, producers, suppliers and educational and research institutions.

The vision of Norwegian Water: Clean Water - our future 

Read more about Norwegian Water in this brochure.

About the water services in Norway

The Norwegian water industry takes care of health and environment, by delivering 700 million cubic meters of drinking water a year and treating wastewater prior to discharge back into nature. 6500 employees ensure that water supply and wastewater services funtion 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Read more about the water services in Norway in this brochure.

Benchmarking of water services

Norwegian Water has performed annual benchmarcing of municipal water services since 2003. Participation is optional. 85 municipalities are participating in 2017, representing 3 million inhabitants.

Read more about the benchmarking in this brochure.

Other documents and reports in English

National sustainability strategy for the water industry - download.

Selected summaries of water reports 2015 - 2018 - download.



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